Lens Studio Consultancy



Let your customers experience your brand on the most active augmented reality platform in the world.  70 million people play with snapchat lenses everyday, and pupil media helps you create the best AR experiences on snpachat. 

Creative Consulting

We will work closely with your brand to design an AR experience that will best leverage your brand and tap in your target audience. 


Lens Development

With expertise in Lens Studio and AR development, we are equipped to make the best Face and World lenses experiences on snapchat. Here are some of the AR experiences we can make


Distribute and Deliver 

We are experienced in delivering and marketing lenses to reach your target audience. 

We are supported by Snapchat as participants in the Official Lens Creator Program so we can provide additional targeting and distribution support of lenses if needed. 


Face Lens

  • Attach 2D and 3D content on faces
  • Create distorted effects on faces
  • Trigger interactive experiences from events. For example:
    • A user raises their eyebrows
    • A user's mouth is open or closed.
math art.png

World Lens

  • Add animated 3D content to the world and around the user
  • Add interaction when user taps on screen or approaches the content

Portal Lens

  • Create a portal into another world